No Chefs Allowed!

Hey! First Kitchen is for first-time cooks.

That means: people who don’t know how to fry an egg, think pasta sauce only comes in jars and can’t tell the difference between a tsp. and a TBSP.

No shame, no big deal and no more excuses. It’s time to learn how fun, easy, cool, healthy and seriously entertaining it is to whip up an awesome meal for yourself, your roommates and, after you’ve hung out here, your entire crew.

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The Perfect Gift

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If You Want... Eat FK Tips
Ethnic Chicken Penne Pasta
Perfect pasta is done ‘al dente.’ This means it’s firm, but not too hard.
Comforting French Toast Brew some coffee, call your peeps and throw a Brunch Bash!
Fast + Easy
Caprese Salad When tomatoes are in season, go crazy trying new varieties.
Vegetarian Asparagus Soup Don’t like vegetables? This soup will seriously surprise you.

"As a student athlete I understood the importance of a healthy diet but with traveling, practice and school, I found it difficult to maintain. Thanks to First Kitchen I was able to improve my diet and my performance on the tennis court!"

DJ Geatz NCAA Men's Tennis - Big Ten First Team Tennis Professional San Diego, CA